Lexus Product Handbook App
DHAP Digital Agency
The Lexus Product Handbook application was designed and developed for the sole use by Lexus USA dealers as a replacement for the physically printed vehicle handbooks. The purpose of this Lexus application was to be used for training purposes and as an easy-to-access tool for active sales. This digital handbook allowed for content to be updated on a regular basis, as well as to provide an interactive user experience for dealers which could not otherwise be provided in a physical handbook. The design of this application required research and exploration which included interviews with a local Lexus dealership and multiple visits to the former Toyota Headquarters (located in Torrance, California) to meet with various stakeholders about the project.

This application launched on iOS and Android.
My Deliverables
Features Included
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle features
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Information about Lexus Enformâ„¢ App Suite
  • Glossary
  • Videos
  • Disclaimers
  • Manuals
  • Produced wireframes
  • Built a clickable prototype for functionality testing
  • Designed UI in compliance with brand guidelines (i.e., color testing)
  • Provided a visual style guide for developers