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Scion Interactive Marketing
DHAP Digital Agency
I dedicated 9 years working on a variety of design projects for the Toyota Motor Corporation, specifically working under the Scion Interactive Marketing account. An interesting challenge when working specifically on Scion products was Scion’s focus on marketing to a younger demographic population and thinking outside-of-the-box. This allowed me to experiment with new and up-and-coming design techniques and ideas.

  -   Created Scion digital assets (i.e., graphics)
  -   Designed Scion marketing/campaign websites
  -   Designed Scion Racing website to promote Scion-sponsored race cars
  -   Worked on wireframes and designs for Build Your Scion configurator for mobile website experience
  -   Designed new content and features for the Scion website
  -   Provided ongoing UI/UX/visual design support and maintenance for Toyota Motor Corporation websites

Scion was discontinued in 2016 with all current cars amalgamated under the Toyota branding
Scion iA and iM landing pages