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Token launched in 2016 with the goal to simplify the regulatory complexities in open banking for European banks and third-parties through cutting-edge innovative strategies and providing connectivity without boundaries. I eagerly joined the team in March of 2017 working closely under the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing/Product to provide all design needs from the ground-up as part of a small two-person design effort. Throughout my stint with Token, I tackled new ideas with fresh eyes, adapted quickly to pivots and new directions, allowing myself to not only grow with the company but grow as a designer in the face of new challenges.
  • Company website
  • Social media
  • Digital and physical collateral
  • Event banners
  • Event booths
  • Kiosk interfaces
  • Web and mobile product design
  • Demos/Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • UI/UX
  • Corporate & Product marketing
  • Sales/pitch decks
  • Branding
  • Demos
Token Mobile App
The first version of the Token app launched in February 2017 giving users the ability to control their bank-direct payments and financial permissions from a single place. It was originally conceived to work in tandem with the Token web app as a two-step verification for payment transactions at a merchant site. It also allowed users to link their banks directly to Token for faster future payments and the ability to set permissions for PISPs and AISPs.

After joining Token, I worked with the Head of Design to redesign the app from the ground-up to refresh the user experience, adding new functionality, and to simplify the UI. Some of my additional roles, aside from designing the UI/UX, included building out the P2P and P2M, as well as bulk payment flows and the display of transaction details. 

Working with the developers, I delivered designs using Zeplin, as well as prototypes as to how the app should look and function.

The app was later white labeled for various clients as well as used in the company demos to help demonstrate the company's open banking capabilities.

Illustrations by Vera Voishvilo
Token Dashboard
The Token Dashboard is a self-service onboarding and account management tool designed for developers, merchants, and banks. The tool is feature-rich allowing for rapid development, as well as the ability to manage and monitor accounts, view transaction activities, and view the health of their service.

Working with the Head of Design at Token, we were tasked with designing the Token Dashboard from the ground-up as client onboarding became a focus of the company. Together we collected data from interviewing the product team, and identified the most viable product based on our research and set requirements. From there we set out to wireframe the user journey from onboarding, sandbox, and going live to production. The user experience always came first, regardless of the scope of the project as it grew in scale.

Among the many challenges that arose out of the project, the largest was identifying the type of user that was signing up, if they needed to use Token’s FCA license or if they had their own license (either PISP or AISP license). Depending on the user's license, they would either have access to all of the Token connected banks or only the ones their license allowed per country. This also made the onboarding experience challenging as it meant we had to collect the required information upfront before the user could access to the sandbox or go to production.

My role included:
Interviews/working sessions with the product team
Identifying requirements
Visual design
Continued UI/UX updates as new features were added

Token Dashboard is currently in Beta.
Token Website 2020
The 2020 Token website refresh was to be the first step in a rebrand of the Token identity, which was led by myself and the Token marketing team. As the third major redesign during my time at Token, I led the design process from start to finish as the sole designer. Working in tandem with the Digital Marketing Manager, we used metrics collected from the previous site design to optimize user experience, as well as identify trends and insights based off the industry sector and our competitor evaluation, which were all used to drive the redesign.
Token Website 2018
Illustrations by Vera Voishvilo
Misc Design Work
My role encompassed more than just working on the Product and Marketing projects. During my time at Token, I worked on a plethora of design projects including collateral, event booths, kiosks, icons, banners, etc. There was always something new to tackle.